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Ionic Foot Detox Session (single) -only rental or sale units available

Ionic Foot Detox Session (single) -only rental or sale units available

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The ionic detoxification system is based on the use of a microcurrent in order to facilitate the movement or transfer of electric charges into the cells through their membranes. This aims to restore the balance between the positive and negative charges of the cells, optimizing the membrane electrical potential. Thus, the painless and non-invasive microcurrent makes it possible to open the passage of the vital ion channels. Consequently, ion energy supplementation, produced by the negative ion generator immersed in the basin of water, penetrates acupuncture points to initiate a process of internal detoxification, absorption of nutrients and rebalancing fluids.

The importance of good electrical cellular membrane potential

IONIC DETOX cellular death or apoptosis

Negative ions catalyze metabolic functions and make the absorption of valuable oxygen and water into organic tissues possible. This process stimulates and facilitates the elimination of acidifying free radicals and improves permeability and decluttering of cellular membranes. Through this decrease in surface tension nutrients, enzymes, water and oxygen can operate better in the intracellular fluids while residues can exit more easily. This results in deep stimulation of the blood and lymphatic circulatory systems for increased efficiency in eliminating waste through the kidneys, liver, intestines, skin and lungs. Here is how this technology helps the body to gradually oxygenate, hydrate and neutralize corrosive and acidic metabolic waste in order to eliminate the latter through natural excretion (filtering organs).

Stimulation of reflexology points (acupuncture) under the feet by negative ions also has a major positive impact on energy networks (meridians). Their stimulation modifies, through electrical induction, the functional state of nerve receptors in the skin (reflex zones). This transmits their messages to nerve centers through the intermediary of the peripheral nerves and the spinal cord up to the brain. It was noted that stimulation of negative ions creates numerous benefits on the human metabolism, particularly on serotonin levels (mood), the Krebs energy cycle (vitality) and the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic). Ionic stimulation harmonizes and considerably improves the bioenergetic behavior of fluids and glands within the human body. The fluids then respond in such a way as to enable the body to restore the balance of its natural functions.

When the basin of lukewarm and salty water is ionized during the ionic session, the water is split into H+ and OH- ions (and sometimes into H3O+ and H2O2), similar to the water cascading from a waterfall becoming ionized. Ionized molecules of a negative polarity (anion) are then able to transmit their free electrons via the nervous system throughout the body. Since their presence is higher in number, these negative ions neutralize the toxic, stressful and acidifying waste, contrarily charged (cations).

IONIC DETOX stable water molecule

The colored residue seen accumulating in the ionic bath water during the session is largely (over 75 percent) created by the negative ion generator (metal) interacting by oxidation with the natural minerals of water and sea salt added to increase electrical conductivity. According to our current observations, just under 25 percent of the total waste present in the water would be of organic origin. Toxins will be eliminated mainly by natural means over the three days following the ionic session.

The first goal of this technology is to transfer valuable negative ions to the body, not to “purge” toxins from the body through the pores of the skin on the hands and feet.  The residual color and textures of the pond water, after a session, differ from user to user and depend on several operation criteria. It is therefore superfluous to look for a meaning for them or draw conclusions that are likely to be futile.

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