Beyond Weight Loss Program, 8 Weeks

This integrative weight loss course takes you beyond just quantifying calories and weight on a scale. We created this program as the demand for quick-fixes prompted to Total Nutrition Diva to investigate root causes. 

The high success-rate of this program is evidenced by it's high demand through word of mouth. Clients feel lighter, gain energy, improve sleep and focus and optimize overall wellbeing. Darpan partners with clients to reframe their approach and think differently about what healthy weight loss really means along their journey. 

This program includes: 

    • Two Live blood Analysis:
      • 1st week
      • 8th week
    • Holistic assessment
    • Supplement Assessment
    • Menu planning
    • Biweekly appointments 10-15 minutes
    • 8 infrared Sauna Sessions

* Inquire about insurance coverage.