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Live Blood Analysis & Consultation

Live Blood Analysis & Consultation

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Live Blood Analysis is a great tool in your quest for Perfect Health. To see your blood Live is a fascinating and very educating experience. A blood sample is taken with a tiny prick on your finger. Your blood will then be analyzed under a microscope. You will be able to see everything on a connected computer screen. The powerful microscope will enable you to see your blood magnified 200 times. Live Blood Analysis is probably the most cutting edge preventative tool available and is one of the most inspiring and motivating steps you can take to improve your health.

Live Blood Analysis can give you instant answers to your health problems through analyzing your blood cells. The condition of your blood has a direct impact on your present and future health. Disease can be observed in the blood before it manifests in the body. Live and dry blood test can show you digestive problems, nutritional deficiencies/ imbalances, the state of your immune system, heavy metal toxicity, blood clotting factors, cholesterol balance, acid/alkaline balance, lymph issues, efficiency of detoxification pathways, levels of stress, scar tissue and the presence of parasites.

Everything you see during the viewing of your blood will be discussed thoroughly, natural principles of healthcare will be explained and an individualized, easy-to-implement and sustain dietary and lifestyle health plan will be created to put you back in control of your health and vitality.

How Live Blood Analysis Can Help You:

 Take steps to reverse chronic illness. 

 Gain lifelong vitality.

 Prevent premature ageing.

 Increase your strength and energy

 Gain mental clarity

 Rejuvenate your body and mind

 And elevate your levels of health and energy 

Your Registered Live Blood Expert will advise you as to supplements and lifestyle changes that will help you meet your goals. You will come away with a tailor-made plan of action knowing exactly what you need to do next.  We can also recommend qualified Health Care Practitioners in our area that our clients have recommended over the years.

 Prior to Your Appointment

Before your appointment we ask that you avoid food consumption for 2 hours and bring along a food dairy of 3 days and the supplements you are currently taking.  It is helpful to know your blood type so we can optimize your diet based on what is right for your body. If you do not know your blood type, we can test it for $20.

Follow Up Appointments

It is advisable that you come for a follow up consultation within 6 - 8 weeks to review your progress to date and adapt the program as needed. 

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