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Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holder

Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holder

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Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holder

A Natural Ionizer From The Himalayan Salt Mines

The Tea Light holder is 10 cm (8") tall as a rounded holder, for the tea light to be placed in at the top of it.

When lit, our beautiful & natural Himalayan Salt Candle Holder emanates a rich & soothing glow. Salt from the Himalayas vary in colour from pale orange to deep rich red. They will also vary in shape bcause each holder is hand-crafted by a local artisan. All are as unique as you are. Enjoy beautiful ambient light in any room.

Benefits of Salt Lamps


Himalayan Salt Lamps produce negative ions (anions) which are scientifically proven to enhance health, environment and well-being. High levels of anions are found in natural surroundings such as mountains, forests and waterfalls. They help neutralize the positive ions emitted from televisions, computers, artificial air conditioners, etc. Fight free radicals while enhancing the beauty of your home and office. Carved by local artisans in Northern Pakistan.

Specifications & Features:

  • Rounded Holder
  • 10 cm (8") tall
  • 1.65kgs/ 3.65lbs
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