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Himalayan Large White Salt Lamp 4-5kg

Himalayan Large White Salt Lamp 4-5kg

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Himalayan Large White Salt Lamp 4-5kg

SPECIAL BONUS, 3 FREE Coloured Light Bulbs Inside!

Our Himalayan Large White Salt Lamp purifies the air producing negative ions while providing a lovely ambient light. Included are a clear, blue, green & red energy efficient 15W light bulbs. Colour therapy has been used for centuries and the healing (or pleasing) affects of colour can be felt immediately.


    • Neutralizes the air by creating negative ions
    • Each Lamp is hand crafted, varies in colour, and is unnique in shape ad hue


Healing White Light


Good for everything, it's the perfect colour because it combines all colours , red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet light. The innate intelligence of the body will take whatever colour it needs. White is associated with the seventh or crown charkra

Green Light

Supports love, communication and acceptance. Green is the colour of nature. Green links with and stimulates the forth or heart chakra promoting harmony & balance.

Blue Light

Increases calmness, peace, love, inner peace and devotion. Blue links with and stimulates the fifth or throat chakra promoting open communication.

Red Light

Increases physical energy, vitality, stamina and passion. It's a grounding colour. Red links with and stimulates the first of root chakra, at the base of the spine, resulting in greater strengh

Specifications & Features:

  • Oval shape
  • 25 cm (10") tall 4-5kgs
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