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Antimonium tartaricum 30 ch

Antimonium tartaricum 30 ch

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Antimonium tartaricum is a homeopathic therapy for cold with cough, wheezing, mucous, rattling or bubbling in the chest.
It is used to care for health of mind as well as body.
It is used to treat;
Headaches, if your regular suffer headache, you can take Antimonium tartaricum.
Bronchitis- if you suffer difficulty in breathing, Antimonium tartaricum will alleviate this condition.
Coughs and nausea, people who frequently suffer these conditions have used and Antimonium tartaricum proved to be a remedy.
Acne- helpful for acne with large pustules, itchy, forms and leaves a bluish-red scar on various parts of the body.
Teething- if you have problems with teeth, especially aching teeth, this is the best product for you.
Gastric bowel problems
Whooping cough
Indigestion, nausea and vomiting, especially during pregnancy.
Chicken Pox. Recently, research has found out that Antimonium tartaricum is effective in treating chicken pox with painful vesicles, eruptions and large pustules with tendency to leave pock marks.

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