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I have had a brilliant experience with Darpan Ahluwalia at Manotick Natural Market.  Here is the story...it is a bit graphic but is important to the story.  I have always had Fibroids for as long as I can remember.  Since being on Tamoxifen for almost the past two years, they have increased in numbers and some are quite large.  I was declared menopausal in August last year and mid December I started bleeding (some days more than others, but not one day without bleeding), up until 2 weeks ago.  4 weeks ago, Darpan gave me a jar with castor oil base and a bunch of other essential oils (smells really great) to apply to my skin over my uterus.  The results?  I have had ZERO bleeding for 15 days!!  If you have an ailment, please get in touch with Darpan.  If she can’t address your issue, she will refer you to a homeopathic practitioner who can.  By the way, my gynaecologist did have one estrogen free recommendation for me BUT the side effects list was BRUTAL.  No side effects with Darpan’s treatment.


The best selection of unique, local, health products!! Truly enjoy it ~ ARTIZEN Agape Gardens

Excellent service! Dora Dalietos
I am not a committed 'natural food' eater, nor do I know much about nutrition. This place has such a good reputation and I wanted to try a product, so I drove out there. Well - and this is rare - I was thoroughly impressed ! Not just food products; also 'tools', e.g. infrared bed, salt lamps, blood anaysis, etc.. The owner is an expert in her field, and she's open to any question. She 'sells' a nutrition program based on the results of your blood anslysis and answers to in-depth questions. The environment is clean and welcoming, and has some parking spots. I left with a much deeper appreciation of this field of expertise and recommend the Market wholeheartedly! ! KEE van DEURS 
Great(sic) space, great people, amazing energy! Olga Dewar

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