Wellness Hub Services

The Wellness Hub. founded in 2002, operates beside the Manotick Natural Market. Darpan has grown an incredible healing community that serves you on your journey toward optimum health both locally and globally. 

Please call or email to schedule your appointment, and/or organize any of our  services . PLEASE NOTE: see the Covid restricted services farther down the page 

Dr. Ko ND


Bowen Therapy

Lab Testing

Naturopathic Doctor

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Roberta Vienneau M.A., D.Hom



Adipose weight loss treatments


Distance healing ONLY

Darpan RHN
Certified Blood Analyst

Health Product Analysis

Lab Testing

Live Blood Analysis


Weight Loss Counselling

Context Eating Method™ Specialist

Infrared Sauna 

  • In-store Sessions
  • Purchase Unit
  • Rental Units

BEMER™ Treatment

  • In-store Sessions
  • Rental Units


On Hold Due to Covid Restrictions: 


Reiki - In person On Hold Due to Covid

Ionic Foot Detox

Natural Botox like treatments

Trinity Table

Please contact by email, or text to arrange your consultation and first appointment. You are welcome to drop by for more information at any time at our location.

Manotick Natural Market