Let's talk FA(c)TS!

Let's talk FA(c)TS!

Fats, they are good for you. Stop depriving your body of good fats. They are important for your hormones, your nervous system. 


Definitely stop ️ buying fat free and low fat options, it's marketing 101 it's not any better for you, with all the additional additives and fillers they add in to get some flavor. You don't need that!


Currently, I am indulging in a whole Avocado. An avocado is the good kind of fat with spices and topped with My Goldenroot™ It's yummmmy  


Did you know? FA(c)TS

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“ Hey I'm an avocado,  I am a fruit, I have fibre, fat and the most alkalizing protein. A great vegan/vegetarian option.  A great option period.... oh ya, I also reduce cholesterol ” xo Ms Avocado


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