Have You Had Symptoms For So Long, You Think It's Normal?

You know, when you've had symptoms so long that you just think it's normal. You try to forget about it because you get so busy with life and you just don't think about it until something severe, something next level happens to disrupt your normal.

What's your normal? Do you have those nagging symptoms? Have you gone to a doctor only to have them prescribe a pill?  Yet not really looking at the root cause. 

You're being offered prescriptions that have nothing to do with the actual root. A lot of times you get told ‘ Oh, it's normal.’ or  You're aging, that's normal for your age, your demographic, your area, et cetera. .

Let's take a scenario, low thyroid for example.

You present your symptoms, and you're told you have low thyroid. Well, what does that really mean? 

On a physical level, having low thyroid systems means that your hormonal balance is disturbed and your thyroid isn't functioning optimally.

At the energy level what does it mean?

At the very least you need to look at a few things: what more is there to this? It could mean that you're suppressing something emotionally in your life. What truth do you really need to face?

It could be something that you need to discover. 

Maybe you need to meet a shaman, healer or energy healer to delve into the more emotional or energetic problems. 

The doctor's just looking at your thyroid, when in fact, your body, and your organs work together.

 It’s important to look at your hormones and your adrenal glands because they're sisters together with your thyroid and they work kind of synergistically.

When you get a medication like Synthroid, yes it's helping, but unless you're supporting the other organ system that's causing the cycle to happen, you're gonna be on medication for life. 

This can lead to suppression. There is something more going on. Okay, so what is it? What truth do you need to face? 

These are things that you perhaps need to discover. There are a number of modalities that could be useful here, such as reiki, shaman, healing, energy, healing, past life trauma, or this life trauma. 

Matter and Energy

Your body is made up of matter* and energy. This is why I particularly like working on all aspects of physiological, emotional, and the energetic so that we take all of you into consideration.

When I say you have multiple layers, you are like an onion, there's all these different layers. And you're right in the center at the core. 

What makes you unwell, out of balance, can be the issues you have: possibly from the different traumas, and events; the good and bad that's happened in your life, and that makes you who you are.  Wherever healing is needed, that's, within the layers of the onion that is you.

The answer could be metaphysical, it could be emotional, it could be a trauma, you need to work on it so that your body heals. Until you heal those issues, your body can't work synergistically together. The synergy is what you want. 

Now, let’s say your next step would be taking medication for your thyroid, thyroxin, Synthroid, et cetera. These only keep the thyroid hormone in check, right? Amazing. We all want that.

You want the TSH, the T3, and the T4 all to look good and fit into that appropriate scale. However, in western medicine,  that scale is not specific enough and has an extremely large range.

In holistic medicine the range of the scale which is considered optimum function is much smaller. And holistically we look at all the connected organs of the body, as they work in together aiming for harmony.

However, you still have symptoms (80% of the clients that come to me still have the same symptoms even when on medication). If you still have the symptoms, have you ever considered, why hasn't anything else shifted? 

What About The Root Cause of Your Issue?

In our society, medication is very useful when needed, yet it's a band aid approach, not delving into the root cause or core of the issue. 

What's important, to note is that human nature is such that you want fast, quick fixes, you wanna forget about it and move on as fast as possible..That's why the band aid approach of western medicine works only somewhat, yet sells so well. 

You don't have the time or the patience to work on yet another chore, like finding the root cause because it takes time, as they say. We are the onions and every layer that you peel takes time and effort.

Did you know, in natural medicine, every, every healing, if you had the issue, or problem for one year, it takes three months to correct it.

If you had the issue, or problem for 10 years, you gotta give it time: not only three months. It could be a few years. This is really critical information for you to know.  

My approach as a nutritionist, as a holistic practitioner, Is to take all of you into account. 

Is it time for you to get to the root of your issue or problem?  Give me a call and let’s get you on the road to holistic health! 

*Matter is the substance of which all material is made. That means objects which have mass. Energy is used in science to describe how much potential a physical system has to change. Via https://kidskonnect.com/

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