Have You Bombed the Bowl Today?

Have You Bombed the Bowl Today?

Good Morning Universe 💫

Have you bombed 💩 the bowl today lol

If you have been my client or even follow me. You know then? I always talk about and get up close and personal about👇
So how's your Poo💩 
Hey, it's nothing to be embarassed about, people look the other way and rather not discuss it. When I was 16, my Grandfather would ask every customer that walked into his health food store. How often you go to the washroom 💩 🚽. To be honest, I was uncomfortable and felt awkward for the person aswell 🤭 till that became a common conversation among all. I learnt a lot from my Grandpa and now I ask you...
So how's your poo 💩 
However, nowadays people are more open to talking about it, than ever before, which solves so many puzzles for my clients. Yaay!!!
Seriously though, the gut and brain has a vital connection. You are only as healthy as your system, and your brain is only as healthy as your gut ! 
All that food you put into your body is broken down, absorbed, then your body uses the nutrients to thrive, what if you are not breaking and absorbing though 😱
If your body can’t breakdown the food it can’t absorb the food and you will be starving on a cellular level, but also what do you think is happening with that undigested food in the body 😏 you have heard my tagline over and over again "You Are What You Absorb" 💩🤭
And most importantly, if you are not eliminating  ! Where do you think it's going.  It's  accumulating toxic environmental within the body 😬
So let's find out on a cellular level, what's going on inside your body, through a "Live Blood Analysis/Consultation" with me your Personal Nutritionist and Certified Live Blood Analyst. And get you back at optimal health and poo. 
Prevention is key, call or pm to book ☎️ 6136921484
Have a fabulous and healthy day and have a great 💩
It's all about the poo 😊
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Next post is all about the "bomb the bowl" and what the different 💩 💩 💩 bombs mean!!!

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