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True Bee Honey

True Bee Honey Raw 1 Kg

True Bee Honey Raw 1 Kg

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"Peachey Honey Farm is a local, family owned & operated apiary just outside Ottawa in the beautiful Seaway Valley. With an enthusiasm and passion for nature and farming, Jan Peachey studied Agriculture at Guelph University. As a new grad, he had the dream of turning his beautiful farm (and his childhood home) in to a thriving bee farm. He immersed himself in the beekeeping culture and visited with many Master Beekeepers to learn many of the beekeeping secrets that are passed down through generations. Jan quickly took to the back bush of his farm, where he cut and planed his own trees for lumber and built new bee boxes and honey frames from scratch. He started with two beehives and never looked back!

Now, with over twenty years experience and an apiary of more than 800 beehives or colonies (that’s over 30,000,000 bees!) Jan and his wife Emily Briffa, a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach and health & wellness enthusiast, produce and pack honey at the farm with their three children Avery, Alexandra and Austen...

""We believe that fresh, local foods inspire health & wellness. We strive to produce the highest quality honey products at the best value! We are guided by the vision that everyone should have access to quality, nutritious, local foods. Honey is one of nature’s greatest super foods! So, we take great care during the extraction and packing of our honey (TrueBee Honey), which includes packing our unpasteurized honey in small batches to preserve the naturally occurring enzymes and nutrients.

Producing and packing our own honey (TrueBee Honey products) means that we get to supply the community with local, unpasteurized, small batch artisanal honey products. We love that we get to connect with the community and our customers at food fairs, health expos and in-store food demos. We strive to educate and promote healthy living by communicating the natural health benefits of our honey. We want our outstanding quality honey products to inspire health & well-being.”"

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