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Floradix Formula 500 ml

Floradix Formula 500 ml

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Why do so many of us constantly feel tired or fatigued? Perhaps we are one of many suffering from iron deficiency – the single most prevalent nutrient deficiency worldwide. In fact, iron deficiency is the leading cause of fatigue among women between the time of menstruation and menopause (it is estimated that up to 26% of reproductive aged women are iron deficient). Adolescents and women of childbearing age need to regularly replace the iron that is eliminated through monthly blood loss. Demand during pregnancy also increases as iron is needed for proper placenta development and prevention of pre-term and low birth weight babies. In children and teenagers, a lack of iron is common due to poor eating habits, stress and growth spurts, and could influence behavior, learning ability and overall health. Endurance athletes and those who exercise regularly lose iron through sweat and the digestive tract, putting them at risk for deficiency and decreased stamina.

Iron is an essential element for the body. It combines with copper and protein to make hemoglobin, a major component of red blood cells which transports oxygen from the lungs to all the tissues of the body. Iron is also needed throughout the body for adenosine triphosphate production (ATP). ATP is required for cellular energy and proper cell function. When iron is low, ATP production drops and energy levels decrease as a result.

The signs and symptoms of iron deficiency include:
Fatigue and weakness
Pale skin
Dark circles under the eyes
Brittle hair and nails
Shortness of breath
Heart palpitations
Decreased ability to exercise
Poor concentration
Rapid pulse
Susceptibility to infections
Dizziness or faintness
Cold extremities
Although it is readily found in nature, iron is poorly absorbed and Floradix Iron & Herbs is specially designed to support healthy iron levels due to its maximum absorption ability.*
Key Features

A safe, low dose, organic liquid iron supplement
Contains highly soluble iron gluconate as well as herbal extracts, whole food concentrates and co-factors vitamins B and C
Fast, easy assimilation
Free of additives, alcohol, preservatives, GMO and lactose
Certified Kosher
Packaged in environmentally-friendly glass bottles
Gentle on the digestive tract and non-constipating
Ideal for vegetarians
Recommended by naturopaths and midwives
Today Floradix Iron & Herbs is the best-selling natural liquid iron supplement in North America
Key Benefits

Floradix Iron & Herbs has been clinically proven to effectively normalize low iron levels*
Each 20 ml serving satisfies the RDA for women of childbearing age*
Promotes the formation of healthy red blood cells*
Beneficial for pregnant and lactating women, athletes, the elderly and vegetarians*


Iron (from ferrous gluconate 87mg) 10.0mg
Vitamin B1 (from thiamine hydrochloride) 2.5mg
Vitamin B2 (from riboflavin sodium phosphate) 4.0mg
Vitamin B6 (from pyridoxine hyrdochloride) 2.0mg
Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 7.5mcg
In a non-medical base of:  
Extracts of: carrots, nettle wort, spinach, couch grass root,  
angelica root, fennel seed, kelp, hibiscus flower, bitter orange.  
Juice concentrates of: pear, black grape, black currant, orange,  
blackberry, cherry, red beet.  
In a base of: honey, rosehip extract, wheat germ, yeast  
extract (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), natural flavour, purified  
water, ascorbic acid.  
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