Lip Balms and Body Butters

Made by kids to support children’s charities.

I use all natural ingredients that are simple for me to pronounce and safe for the body.



Helping Kids Locally – check out all the charities/organizations DaBalm is helping.

DaBalm has had a lot of help along the way – check out all the people that have supported us !

Hi my name is Reanna Bayne, I am 8 turning 9 years old I have decided to start my own business making lip balms. I started to make lip balms in December 2014. I wanted to do kid charities like the: Breakfast Program for Kids and Proud to be Me Anti-Bully Program, because I am a kid and I am doing something for kids!


And growing up in the natural health environment kids should have a safe, clean and awesome products for their body! Also living in India for a bit I have seen lots of poverty that directly affected children and in seeing that, that made me want to help kids locally.


I will be focusing on helping kids in my community and city first before I go elsewhere.

I also think I should help people locally first before I help people abroad.


Are your lip balms vegan friendly?

We do make a vegan line with candelilla wax.  They contain NO beeswax – the only non-vegan ingredient in any of our products.


Why don't you add sweetener to your lip balms?

We don't want to dry out your lips and we try to keep it natural.


Why should I use DaBalm lip balm?

Because they work better than anything else out there!  We use only top-shelf ingredients, like organic beeswax, organic safflower oil, and organic Shea Butter – and don’t use any preservatives.  When using simple ingredients, you can minimize problems and keep it as clean as possible.


Also sales go to various children charities in
your city.


Do your lip balms contain gluten?

They don’t contain any gluten.


How about parabens?

We don't use parabens or any other synthetic preservatives.


Do you test on animals?

No, we test on people not animals.



What is the shelf life of your lip balms?

We recommend using them within 1 year after opening them, but the shelf life is 18 months.  Keep in mind that DaBalm lip balms are made of natural and organic ingredients, so things like excessive or long term exposure to heat or cold can reduce the shelf life.




We at the Proud to be Me Foundation are very proud of Reanna. She is an amazing 9 year old that has such a caring and generous nature. While she is still coming into who she is, she already has learned that it is important to give to charity and to help others.


Her generosity through donating her lipbalms to PTBM or her $396.00 donation to PTBM through another event she attended to help make a difference is amazing!


Reanna supports other charities as well through the sales of her lipbalms and is continually expanding and trying to new products to grow her brand. She is not only an inspiration to kids but too many adults aswell. Reanna is making a difference.


We at PTBM look forward to watching Reanna grow into the amazing person she is destined to be.


Cindy Cutts, CEO & Executive Director PTBM


In making this product and starting my own company, I have gotten a lot of help and support from many people. I would like to thank my Mom and Dad, Catherine Landry for helping me see where I would like to go in this, Nikki Laframboise for my dream board over Christmas, Chantal for helping me create my initial design for the labels, for designing & hosting my website, and all those who have purchased DaBalm so far. Thank you to My Gluten Free Bakery for letting me use their kitchen space.


The proceeds will be donated to various charities over the course of the year and will be listed on my website for everyone to see.



I use all natural ingredients that are simple for me to pronounce and safe for the body. There are only 4–5 ingredients in the lip balms. Why make it complicated?. I hope you enjoy the lip balms and I will be trying to make more products that I would like to see on myself and hopefully on you as well.





Au Natural, Vanilla, Tropical, Peppermint, Cherry and Bubblegum



Au Natural



$4.99 each

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